Seeing her in the Sunny Winter Morning……

It was a cold chilly winter night!!Mind was alluded with her thoughts,memories of beautiful facinating meetings with her in the last winter got erosed and freshened.

Somehow the night passed,with some computer books opened in the front ,coffee cup with the label of spiderman half filled upto the brim,and light table lamb in the silent room without any small shrill cry.

I was so much lost into her memories that how the silverlight of the moon changed into the golden glittering light of the sunlight,was hard to imagined of.

Soon I heard my alarm clock,trying its possible to make me pull out of….u know.Having got freshed and with nice outfit,I followed my foot steps toward my college from my apartment.Passing the way with huge traffic ,with po….po… irritating noise of the cars,suddenly I saw something amazing ,something not had thought before…

guess what?!

Found her…sitting in the garden nearby the road.It was just like wow (for me ofcourse🙂)…

She was sitting on the green grass wet by the glittering dew drops trying to vaporise themselves in the mild heat of the sunlight.Her curls ,making a good play with her cheeks,hmm..moment which made me forget about the world,whosoever existing here.I had the wish of talking to her but..could not, because..!

(will be telling u all in the next type.Guys this is my first writing so please,like it and please comment on it,your comments are highly welcomed)

Thank u so much for giving your time.